2011 Multi Optic Cut

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The issue with mounting the popular RMR footprint on most 2011 slides is the width of the slide is too narrow to accommodate the screw hole width of the optic. Our 2011 Multi Optic cut allows you to mount several of the most trusted and popular red dot sights on your 2011 style pistol. We mill a deep pocket that will allow the direct mounting of the Leupold Delta Point Pro, and a plate system to adapt to the Trijicon / Holosun footprint. The indexing lugs from the Dela Point cut allow the steel adapter plates to index firmly, much like our dedicated optic cuts.

By moving the iron sight dovetail in front of the optic, we are able to set the cut deeper in the slide, closer to the bore axis. We use a Glock style rear sight for compactness and available options, versus the wider 1911 style rear. For those of you wanting to run the SRO, know that this means you will not be able to mount a rear sight.


  • We can direct mill, without a plate, the 507k and RMRcc footprint for the 2011. Find that service HERE.

  • Compatible with older STI, Wilson, Staccato with all sight styles, and most other 1911/2011 slides
  • Deep milled mount for low bore axis red dot mounting
  • Optional suppressor height sights (glock style rear, 2011 style front)
  • Iron sight forward of optic only
  • Multiple mounting options, with more to come
  • Precision milled, hardened steel plates for RMR/SRO/507C and RMRcc footprint
  • Plate and optic mounting fasteners included
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