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Ported barrels direct gas up and out of the slide to aid in reducing muzzle flip. This can equate to faster follow up shots, or dot tracking during recoil on an MRDS equipped slide.

Note that by bleeding out some of the gasses, you are effectively robbing your slide of some energy. This can cause failure to eject and or stovepipe malfunctions. This is more prevalent with weaker ammunition. A lighter recoil spring and un-captured guide rod can be added to combat this. Do your research on the pros and cons of this. We suggest you run quality factory ammo to ensure reliability. Porting is not an effective measure to reduce recoil from poor grip. Give us a call if you need help deciding whether porting is right for you or not. 

3 and 5 Port

The 3 and 5 port is applicable to all slide models listed. This is a traditional mid barrel porting with port sizes tuned for a balance of performance and reliability. The 3 port is very noticeable, but more tolerant to weaker ammo and people with less grip strength. The 5 port gives the most reduction of recoil, but will need to have quality factory ammo. It really shines with 124g and higher loads. If your slide already has a top window, you can select this as an option to avoid the cost of cutting a window. If you are trying to have ports placed at an angle, similar to a 19c using existing slide windows, you will need do select the “custom port configuration” under Port Style. 



The super single was originally designed for the 43X and 48 to tame the snappiness, but is offered on all Glock slides. This design will allow the barrel to maintain higher pressure and cycle weaker ammo more reliably. Effects are similar to the 3 port. The super single is a single large port at the muzzle end. This will require moving the front sight post rearward to accommodate the port. Some people are concerned with spalling from the port. Although we notice no significant spalling from our shape of port, we can back bore the barrel to remove the rifling. Add that to the notes, snd we’ll take care of it. 

MAC Ports Include:

  • Porting on customer supplied barrel
  • Top window cut in slide to match port 
  • Optional barrel and slide re-finishing

Note: If you run a longer than factory front sight, you will need to include it or mark the slide with a note. This will insure that the front sight won’t overhang the window. 

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