F-POP [ Future-Proof Optic Plate ]

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The name says it all: Future Proof. The permanent nature of a dedicated optic cut, or the shortcomings of OEM modular systems is a common concern we hear, and rightfully so. We set out to build a simple and robust solution for those of you with commitment issues. With the F-POP, you have the comfort of knowing that your slide will be compatible with many current and future offerings. Rather than cut your slide for a specific optic, we will use a standardized pocket, built to accept a variety of plates that you can choose from. What you end up with is an optic cut as deep as a direct milled version and a fixed rear iron sight that can be moved fore or aft of the optic at your discretion. The plate is secured to the slide using (4) 6-32 hardware and 2 interlocking islands under the plate.

Note: This is a service for customer supplied slides. Adding the F-POP to a complete MAC slide is also an option.


  • F-POP Slide Cut
  • Optic cut depth .120"
  • Your choice of optic plate (black nitride coated)
  • All necessary mounting hardware
  • Uses front recoil bosses and 6-32 hardware for most optic models
  • Mounting hardware included for the plate and specified optic
  • Fixed rear sight (user configurable irons forward or rear)
  • Optional .300" tall black front sight
  • Free insured return shipping
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