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Glock 19 micro and full-sized comp
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We are excited to announce the release of our MAC Comp and barrel in two sizes for the G19. Countless hours of R&D and testing has lead us to the design that we feel checks all of our boxes. Lets face it, most comps either don't perform very well, require special tools to install, or don't stay in place during extended use. We set out to change all of that.

The MAC Comp is thread-less, self timing, easy to install, and very secure. No need for tiny set screws, loctite, or torquing procedures. Our patent pending attachment method and port design is so easy, you can comp your gun while sitting on the couch. Simply install the included proprietary barrel, slide the comp in place, and secure with the spring clip. The included tool makes disassembly quick and easy. Check out the install and removal video HERE.

Choose from two sizes: The Stubby or The Half Chub.

The Stubby is designed for those looking for minimal protrusion from the muzzle or are more concerned with compatibility of their existing holsters. This comp will cycle most factory ammo with the factory recoil spring weight and provides a noticeable reduction in muzzle flip. Keeping the dot in the window of your red dot during recoil is easily accomplished with the Stubby Comp.

The Half Chub is geared toward someone looking for a full bodied, 3 port comp. This comp provides a significant amount of recoil reduction, allowing for quicker follow up shots and easier dot tracking. The added weight from the alloy steel construction also helps to reduce muzzle rise. As with any functional compensator, results with weaker ammunition will vary. The use of lighter (13-15lb) recoil spring may be necessary if you don't shoot hotter defensive loads.

  • 416-R stainless steel barrel QPQ Black Nitride coated (produced for us by a leading barrel manufacturer)
  • Threadless design - Hey Cali folks, we're talking to you!
  • 1:10 twist, stress relieved, button rifled drop in barrel for Gen 3,4, or 5 Glock 19.
  • Counterbored muzzle end to prevent shaving projectile and to protect muzzle
  • Alloy steel QPQ Black Nitride coated compensator
  • Single port or 3 port option available
  • Top only port design directs all gas upwards, reducing muzzle rise
  • Self timing, no more twisting comps chewing up your frame
  • Spring steel retention clip
  • Includes tool for easy removal

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