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The Glock. Boringly reliable, kind of ugly, but undeniably the king of the hard use pistols. Glock got a few things right on these frame, but missed the mark in several places. That's where we come in. Select the options you'd like to add / modify on your Gen 1-5 Glock. In the last notes field, please let us know if you have any special requests or slight tweaks to our standard mods.


Texture Type: Swamp Donkey is our grippiest and most versatile texture. Brain Matter is a softer, less aggressive texture for people with concerns of hurting the hand.

Border Style: Defines the edges of the stippling. Low tank keeps the stippling down low in the web of the hand, and is the most popular. High Tang will bring the texture up under the beaver tail.

Gas Pedals / Index points: Gas pedals are a thumb ledge carved into the frame to aid in recoil reduction. Index point land in the same place, but are just a textured pad with no ledge to leverage against.

Undercut: Relieving the area on the frame where the middle finger rubs the trigger guard. Allows the frame to sit deeper in the hand, and relieves "Glock Knuckle". Double Undercut relives area where the support hand falls.

Grip Reduction: Removes material off the backstrap of the frame to shrink the circumference, useful for people with smaller hands. Hump Reduction will flatten most of the "Glock Hump" that bothers some shooters.

Magazine Release Scallop: Creates a pocket around the mag release button to aid in operation, essentially making the button sit higher without using aftermarket parts. Only available for Gen 1-3.

NOTE: Some browsers may not display the texture names on the images. Swamp Donkey, in the first photo, is our most popular and most aggressive texture. If you'd like to tame the texture down, you can specify "medium texture" in the notes field.


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