Glock Slimline RMR Cut

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In 2018 we listened when people asked for a way to mount a red dot to the 42/43. The dovetail mounts that were/are available set the optic high on the slide from a relatively fragile dovetail, and other options leave a lot to be desired. Since the , the RMRcc and 507k footprint has solved many of these issues, but some still prefer the full sized optics using the RMR footprint. 

Our RMR cut sets the optic as deep in the slide as possible using (4) 6-32 mounting screws to attach an tight fitting adapter plate that is the width of the RMR. This eliminates the need for a sealing plate and provides a beefy base. Optic is secured with 6-32x3/8” screws and recoil bosses. 

Note: for direct milling such as the 507k, check out our dedicated optic cuts. 

- compatible with the following:

Trijicon: RMR, SRO, RCR, RMRHD (SRO and HD will not be able to run a rear iron sight due to overhang)

Holosun: 407c, 507c, 508t

- Deep milled for low bore to optic axis

- Steel RMR adapter plate with recoil posts - coated in Black Nitride

-USA made 6-32 mounting hardware for adapter plate and optic

- Rear iron sights forward standard (no rear iron also an option)

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