Glock Super Single

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The super single was originally designed for the 43X and 48 to tame the snappiness, but is offered on all Glock slides. This design will allow the barrel to maintain higher pressure and cycle weaker ammo more reliably than mid barrel porting. Effects are similar to the 3 port that we offer. 

This is a single large port at the muzzle end. This will require moving the front sight post rearward to accommodate the port. It is helpful to either include the front sight you wish to use, or let us know the model. 

Some are concerned with spalling from the port. Although we notice no significant spalling from our shape of port, we can back bore the barrel to remove the rifling. Add that to the notes, and we’ll take care of it. 

A common question we receive is coating. Adding these ports and small windows will leave your existing coating un-affected, but will show a small amount of bare metal on the inside edges. To save a few bucks,  we typically recommend the coating of your choice on the slide, and leave the barrel as is, assuming your barrel has a coating in good condition. 

**48 and 34 Note** Slides with an extended dust cover like the 48 will have the front sight access hole extended rearward so you can still service your front sight as usual. 

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