Nomad X MAC Defense Frame (Frame Included)

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We took an already impressive OEM frame alternative and put our spin on it in the Nomad 9 frame. These frames resolve many shooters complaints about the ergonomics of their factory brothers. Read below how Nomad Defense describes the Nomad 9 frame, and what we do to further enhance it.


With the Nomad 9 pistol frame, subtle changes add up to big improvements. Utilizing a design focus on ergonomics and control, the Nomad 9 frame will feel so natural it will fade into the background.

The best way of describing the Nomad 9 is a ground-up reimagining of the Glock® pistol platform. The team at Nomad Defense Co. took a very close look at every aspect of practical pistol design, and created a pistol frame that offers real world solutions to many of the inherent shortcomings seen in most production level pistols.

The Nomad 9 Frame is sold as a stripped frame and is compatible with Glock 19 Gen4 components. Nomad 9 frame ships with three interchangeable backstraps, a trigger housing retention pin, and a backstrap retention pin.

Nomad 9 Frame Features:

  • Flared Magwell – providing every advantage when you need it most
  • Contoured Grip – better comfort means better control
  • Three Interchangeable Backstrap Sizes – refined ergonomics tailored to you (All 3 textured with your pattern of choice)
  • Accessible Mag Release – easy to reach without accidental release
  • MAC DEF Texture – We add your choice of 4 standard textures in 3 levels of aggressiveness
  • Slide Stop Guard – ensure easy activation only when intended
  • Extended Beaver Tail – protect your assets
  • Enlarged Cold Weather Trigger Guard – optimized for use with gloves (we refine the undercut, and add a light texture under the trigger guard.)
  • Forward Thumb Ledges – better control for faster follow-up shots ( enhanced for a deeper ledge and texture to match the frame)
  • Single Locking Block Pin – increased strength, simplicity, and reliability
  • Proprietary Polymer Blend – high impact strength with enhanced rigidity
  • Weight 3.4 oz


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