Optic Specific Cuts

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Need a way to get your MRDS sight on your weapon, and don't want to use a cheesy dove-tail mount? Milling your slide to fit your specific optic is the only option for reliable performance. We cut a precise pocket with recoil posts to keep the optic in place during recoil, slide manipulations, or even racking the slide using the optic. On some models, it is necessary to use a sealing plate to seal the battery o-ring and prevent moisture intrusion. The sealing plate and screws are included in this package. We can even provide the optic, mount and zero it for you. Just select the optic you’d like in the options.

  • Precisely milled pocket specific to your optic
  • Recoil posts for durability
  • Includes sealing plate and proper length screws

While we're cutting your slide for the optic mount, we can also add some very simple front cocking serrations to most slides. These won't be our normal double angled serrations, rather a simple functional addition to the front of your slide. Note that this will require a complete slide re-finish in either Cerakote, or Black Nitride, so choose accordingly.

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